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Grand Father
There are many severly psychological damaged, mentally ill people and chidren in our society who unfortunately are the products and  direct consequence of unwittingly transferred parental ignorance to their own traumatic experiences. 

Such influential consequences from this state of psychological ignorance, and unintentional neglect by parents themselves is so ingrained into cultural indoctrination that organic cognitive development maybe and in fact is stifled, stunted and in many cases impeded permanently. 

Seriously affected, mentally and physically ill individuals are readily identified and unfortunately to a greater degree avoided by main stream society to be socially isolated due to their physical and intellectual malaise.

Whilst many others carry their unidentified "psychological infliction" into daily life considering their attitudes, beliefs, and practices to be righteous, correct and justified.

In many instances these virtual, cognitive scars leave varing degrees of psychological shadows in 'flesh and blood' which at times actually rise to power dominance and social influence.
Leaving the world eternally terrified, afraid and at war within itself.

Modern Boys, Young Men and Women.
Many parents struggle to 'rein in' their children expecting them to abide by the former culturally transferred, perceived to be "righeous and correct ways" and achievement dominated behaviour.
Whilst parents themselves survived the emotional ravages and hideous traumatic experiences the influence of such experiences are now transferred.
Parents and their progeny are entirely oblivious to the underlying, unidentified impedence of such chronic, stifling behavioural development.

Whilst parents have the best loving intentions to guide, protect and direct their children to heights of achievement they are actually stifling their childrens natural, physical cognitive develoment with penalties and rigid performance expectations.

Unfortunately in many instances lots of these children are considered by their families to be rebellious.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

These great children are seeking their independence.
There natural birth right of freedom.
Their right to crawl, walk, run through puddles, jump, splash each other, laugh, joke, have fun, climb trees, make noise and fly.
They are seeking their right to express their oponion and their thoughts, a right just to play, to imagine, to dream, to experiement with life, and their right to make their own mistakes without esteem scarring criticism and constant negatively perceived condemnation.

Organic Growth & Development requires tenderness, love, compassion forgiveness and non judgement.

Children need and must receive positive, expansive encouragement, delivered with loving, hugging, touching, tolerant understanding to progressively develop their own cognitive growth and ways of understanding according to their individual DNA which after all has carried the wisdom to build a perfectly healthy body, eyes, heart, kidneys, skeletal frame, joints, cardio vascualar system, nervous system , renal system, respiratory system.
Yes all rather brilliant you must admit.

"Bonsai Like"  Development Impedance.
From the miracle of genetic creation these born children had the innate wisdom to grow their own pulsing heart and entire functioning body, however their brain needs time to develop and progressively learn to coordinate the natural systems available to survive outside and away from parental shelter. Nature has humans born for birthing reasons (which most Mothers would be extremely appreciative about) with a soft small somewhat maleable skull which progressively expands to accomodate the growing and expanding brain tissue.

Such progressive independent development may not be a completed process until around mid life, say 35 to 45.
Owing to sibling trauma many people remain trapped, stunted, locked in their stifelled oblivion to live in a society of undeveloped, obedient, systemised fellow SIBLINGS.  

Competing distractions and demands inflicted upon the progressive wholesome developmental of this tender organ maybe demonstrated artificially in grafted horticulture where varing species are grafted to the root stock life source. Admittedly an exaggeration however the grafting of Orange trees onto Lemon tree stock is common practice.
Of course this practices is severely exaggerated in genetic modification of all plants where resistance to natural development has become a way of life so the naturally grown Purple carrot has been modified to now be Orange in colour.
Corn genes have been altered and artificially bred with a complete resistance to herbicides.

To progressively develop natural healthy emotionally balanced Children need to be free from the endless hovering of fear driven, terrified, under nourished, Helicopter Parents.

What feels good and What does not feel good.

"He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone."
Who is so infallible that they do not make or have actually made the odd lesson teaching mistake?

Many people are egotistically driven by false pride and then left unable or incapable of facing or make such apologetic admissions.
So they hold on to their conditioned, dysfunctional  beliefs to unwittingly inflict their expectations upon their children.
Where as a balance mature parent, is sufficiently adult to make such admissions and sincerely apologise by saying Sorry.
"Sorry my child we can and must  communicate in better ways than this dominating manner."

Sorry is a great way to start mutual healing and to self recognise the potential to recover from ingrained recurring dysfunctional belief.

Serpent Brain

Developing Child through Adolescence and onto Adult.
Unfortunately various forms of media sensationalism, peer pressure and excited mob histeria can and does lead to the ugliness of powered aggression and violence as young immature adults struggle with arousing emotional sensitivity and their longing for individual identity.
They have forever been driven to be SOMEONE, to be important, to be seen, recognised, appreciated, complimented because that 'part of them" has never received the essential nourishment to debvelop completely.
So they are left eternally feeling they are never good enough.

Understanding body generated feelings. 
Actually not learning about the essential understanding of the need to be consciously aware, that is, actually being mindful, of emotional sensations is a primary issue plaguing modern society.
Over time we have so many ways and methods to actively over rule and deny emotional sensitivity, the sensate struggle between violent Ego dominated behaviour and self protecting emotions.

Let's begin with the plague of vanity stimulating advertising, fashion, body size, body building, protein drinks, then drugs, gambling, sexual liberation, pornography, technical gadgets, TV, movies, sport, and the list of avoidance continues.
Then we can move onto the recognised bad habits of alcohol, gambling, drugs, pornography, experiencing actual sexual fantacy with affairs, and all other aspects of avoidance.
Variations of these practices have been known and transferred by modelling to influence society across many generations since the year dot.

Transgenerational trauma is trauma that is transferred from the first generation of trauma survivors to the second and further generations of offspring of the survivors via complex post-traumatic stress disorder mechanisms.

Soon after descriptions of the so-called concentration camp syndrome (also known as survivor syndrome) appeared, clinicians observed in 1966 that large numbers of children of Holocaust survivors were seeking treatment in clinics in Canada.

Grandchildren of Holocaust survivors were overrepresented by 300% among the referrals to a child psychiatry clinic in comparison with their representation in the general population.
The phenomenon of children of traumatized parents being affected directly or indirectly by their parents’ post-traumatic symptoms has been described by some authors as secondary traumatisation (in reference to the second generation).

To include the third generation, as well, the term intergenerational transmission of trauma was introduced.

Selma Frailberg

Building upon the clinical observations by Selma Fraiberg, child trauma researchers such as Byron Egeland, Inge Bretherton, and Daniel Schechter have empirically identified psychological mechanisms that favor intergenerational transmission, including dissociation in the context of attachment, and "communication" of prior traumatic experience as an effect of parental efforts to maintain self-regulation in the context of post-traumatic stress disorder and related alterations in social cognitive processes.

Both survivors and immediate witnesses of traumatic events in family history have traditionally been treated by family therapists.

The first-generation experiences of combat veterans, hostages, prisoners of war, and the civil population who was victimized at the hands of war criminals from genocidal organizations such as the German Nazi Party, Italian Fascist party, and similar organizations and their (para-) military arms, have been dealt with within the confines of political arena and international law.

However the descendants of both immediate witnesses and victims of genocide, colonial suppression, slavery, political totalitarian control, clerical abuse in religious organizations, and many survivors of terrorism had to deal with the victimization symptoms themselves, without the transfer of original trauma being recognized and help offered.

Continuing transference of generational genocide.

We must ask when will the Australian populous understand, appreciate and Recognise the desperate need to accept and act responsibly to redress and rectify the continuing transference of generational genocide of the past which continues to be inflicted upon the Nations' first people?

Enslavement and slavery, civil and domestic violence, verbal, sexual abuse, and extreme poverty are all sources of trauma that can be transferred to subsequent generations.

Today we are recreating, reinforcing and inflicting untold trauma for those people who are incarserated in Refugee Concentration camps.

Such deliberate and knowingly inflicted  psychological abuse, in todays age is comparable in kind to the concentration camps of Germany.

Future generations will certainly be left with the mental health collapse and fall out of such wickedness once again.

Follow on from here and learning how to grow into a mindful adult and a Self Confident Parent;

Then you might Go to the Introduction to the book a Sibling Society by Robert Bly.

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