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Who Pulls Your String?


Why are there more youth suicides?

Why is Road Rage escalating?

Why Nasty, Angry, Divisive,


Phone Devo


Many relationships come adrift?


Was it Just a Casual Hook Up for Co-Dependent

Egotistical or Sexual gratification ?

We hear of
"Relationship with benefits". 

Couple paddling on life's pond without purpose. 

Without intention or destination ?

*Anxiety ? *Depression ? *Addiction ? *Avoidance ?

How did we all forget about our self ?

Who We Are.


A Gift

"Called the Present"

A Moment 

We are





 All that we are is Life

A Living Human Being

Within our Physical body

We are not the cognitive,

of our Brain's EGO

When LIFE leaves Our body 

EGO & Our body are powerless. 


Witness the outpouring of public grief following December 2014 Martin Place tradgedy.

Sydney, Australia, the world, felt and expressed a common pain & deep sadness

It was life that felt the inter - related impact of personal Grief.

Triggered for release by

As was the situation across the world when Princess Diana died.

Later evening
Expressed Grief.

Yester year Simon's Mother said leave your guns at home son.

Put your hands on your head.

Today Simon Sinek say don't take your phone to bed.

* Charge it in the lounge room.

* So you can wake up and speak first to your partner and to your loved ones.

Here is the Story 
It's Not Your Fault Millenials.

(People born in & around mid 1980



Obviously we should never have expected politicians as society Father's to lead us out of temptation.

It was reasonable for us to believe that they would deliver us from evil, from war & fiscal corruption.
Nor we hoped would they steal, cheat, lie, kill, covert they neighbours wife, child, or secretary what's more.

Above all we needed to FEEL our leaders were authentic in addition to being honest.

However, indiscriminate exercution of international INAUTHENTICITY has eroded and abused our trust.
Confidence in political and corporate leaders has evaporated to an all time low.

Dalai Lama loveAppreciating that much has forever remained constant with depraved primal survival behaviour and attitudes of men and some women.

Accordingly, much has polarised attitudes 
through the erosion of ethics, decency, authenticity and moral values.
Principally driven by the insanity of corporate suppressive domination.
Their fundamental materialistic ideology continued to seek and take advantage through perceived to be economic growth as and at the absolute unsustainable cost and disconnection of human relations.

Certainly there have been progressive "comforts" achieved.

Have we allowed ourselves to be sold and imprisoned by the very same comforts?

Whilst the power behind society maintained that ancient dominating, isolating idea of suppression, incaseration, idolatory crucifictions, slavery, redundancy with dismissal as the 'be all and end all' to fix, manage and contain the down trodden so to enhance corporate & shareholder profits.


Fortunately other thinkers began to recognise that the system was not improving behaviour since the days of the inquisition, Pontius Pilate, the wrath of Pharaoh, David Copperfield, Convict Hulks of Britain, or todays refugee boat people.
Slow learners may we be?

We have arrived.
Flower Power of the 1960 saw the Pot fermeting, music changed, as did the sexual liberation and contraception.
Walt Disney produced The Pied Piper because he knew what was happening again in real life and there would be a time for social revenge, a return to balance of the rhythmic social pendulum swinging between the Haves & the Have Nots. 

Robert Bly wrote The Sibling Society in 1970 because he too saw our destiny.
Others masters before Bly such as Joel Goldsmith, Edmund Burke, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandel, Mahatma Gandhi & John Lennon sent forth warnings of impending peril should we persist in "taking it too easy". 
Like you and like Moses they stood up for justice and peace. They moved the people.

Professor Zimbardo also, with his Stanford Prison experiment and now we understand the national of Portugal has proved that "Happy Rats" can empty jails and decriminalise innocent wounded people.
Better still Portugal, we are told, voted to use the funds saved to spend on education and sustainable recovery.
With a massive 50% positive turn around recorded already.

edmundburkeTyrannySo we actually need to go back to John F Kennedy or states men of Edmund Burke's ilk.
They suggested to see what we can do for their country, our country Australia and the world rather than expect self serving, politicians, cohorts of big power who knowingly led generations into this wilderness of ill health.
Doing so as they filled their coffers.
These easily corrupted and manipulated people will  continue to condemn our children and those of future generations with their unconscionable materialistic focus. 

Yes folks we have successfully arrived at a
'self generated' and now recognised
Mental Health Epidemic.

Pope Francis Pharaoh
Evolutionary social awakening.

*Good thing is that similar to rats in the larder and 
"In our face" street Grafitti, these seemingly, wild, errant, protesting  indiscriminate, behaviours are creating a Media Break through.

This break through is of Metamorphic Nature, E
ssentially bringing about a peacful 

Evolutionary social awakening

A Simple Flick of your Mental Switch.

George Monbiot
Decent people like George Monbiot know and write that 
Neo-Liberalism has led us to this Mental Health Epidemic.

Even so corporate and banking CEO's hold fast to their laundering 'sheets' of false and dubious paper,
Accounting themselves from ill gotten, insider trading gains,
Hoping they will survive their affluent life with their Hidden stashes of gold and off shore bank accounts.  

As individuals we make change happen.
We now know, we see, we hear, we talk, we act.

We can and do see and FEEL what has happened to us.

We know we are worthy.

We are the very life within our body.


We were born at the moment of our conception

We are so brilliant we made our own Heart.

We are so clever

We grew our entire bodies before we entered Mother earth as born & delivered flesh.

We actually grew every part of ourself.

We grew our bodily systems and functions.

Once born we forgot who we really were. 

We now know we need to love and be loved.

To be spiritually & mentally nourished, to respect ourselves
and each other. 

Respectful to the life of the child within all

No longer turning our back on each other.

So beautifully depicted in this sculpture. 

Burning nightLove
by Alex Milov 

So simple; 
Just A Simple Flick of your Mental Switch

Bright Logo

Elton John's Funeral Tribute to Princes Diana 

Or Bob Marley
We are One Life - One Love


To assist break the ties that bind us to old learned dysfunctional habits and illusions of the Ego.

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