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Indian Wolves
BY :
Zoom & Or Doxy.me

With Rod McClure JP. MACA
Professionally qualified 
Registered & Accredited
Australian Counselling Association Supervisor.

Old Indian wisdom.
"Grand son there are two wolves that live within us,
One a really nasty, cruel, greedy, jealous, selfish wolf.
The other is a kind, gentle sharing, compassionate generous wolf."

The boy replied, "Which wolf wins Pa?"
"The wolf you feed my boy" was his loving reply.

Trained & Experienced 
To listen, hear, and understand that we humans are generally reluctant, often nervous, fearful, afraid or unsure to seek Counselling.

Many individuals have previously held the unfortunate belief that to attend Counselling may jeopardise or expose some perceived weakness, which may jeapodise or undermine their social
or community standing.

Fortunately in recent years public exposure to the vagaries and influence of daily STRESS and traumatic experiences has virtually defused the old beliefs and allowed society to openly express, for release, these formerly bound in habitual behaviours of all emotional denial be they Joy or Sorrow. 

Fortunately those days have passed nothing could be further from the truth.

a Counselling sessions today is to be part and partial of general life maintenance for body mind and soul. 
More akin to a new dress or hair style, or new tyres and change of filters for the car before the holiday road trip.

Even a personal treat of Pedicure, Facial & Massage, dinner out before a shopping expedition or a show.
A treat.

No need to struggle on with the adopted attitude that
“This is how it is & thus it must stay".

“I made my bed now I must lie in it”, attitude.
 Grin and bare it no more.

Do not let this happen to you, your family, your friends or your employees.  

Should you do so, you & or they will experience "BURN OUT".  Chronic fatigue, PTSD etc.
That’s when we feel we may break, collapse, leave the relationship, run away, eat, get drunk, gamble, attend a brothel or in the worst case senarios ........commit suicide.

Many of our sessions occur after clients have "hit the wall", experience a massive crisis where holding onto old "heavy loads & disappointment" become too heavy, troublesome, out of order and out of control, even threatening chaotic circumstances & collapse of emotional & physical health.
Conditions commonly named as "break downs".

To us break downs are converted to * "Break throughs".

Counselling gives you permission to Let it go.

Know Help is available.
We assist to sort stuff out by listening & actually watching and hearing to understanding you and your situation situation & assist you to expose available opportunities to effect a healthy change.

Feelings of relief generated and experienced by merely "being heard" can & often does help.

Maybe constant & repetitive arguments & "edginess" over the smallest matters
have become issue in your relationship, with your family or at work.

We no longer have to, nor should we, tolerate or allow our families, friends or fellow employees
be exposed to such emotional discomfort when Supervision and Counselling therapy is so easy to
access, affordable, readily available and above all Confidential and totally Private.

We know that PRIVACY is a big issue because the listed number of hits on our web site home page prove that many people have taken the opportunity to seek some helpful explanations by showing interest in the volume of freely available articles.  

Free of any cost which is precisely why they are on offer.


Our parents had vested interests in the practical toilet training of us all.

So most children are raised to abide by the rules of their home or culture so we have been told through those indoctrinating scriptures that the "sins of the Father are propogated for several generations"'. 

So it is not your fault.

Unfortunately too few individuals or families have been raised with the wisdom of deliberate encouraging advice & demonstrations for tolerant 
emotional developmental benefit.

Benefits of responsive self managment & understanding of their emotional reality.

Many parents knew no better as they themselves were the product of dysfunctional conditioning &  indoctrination also.

As we adopt accents of language we also adopt "accents of behaviour" from the environment in which we are raised.
This is one of the earliest foundations of dysfunctional conditioning which for the
benefit of the lesson we refer to as the modelled establishment of emotional constipation.

In a metaphoric & Counselling sense this is akin to hanging onto old hurts and emotional bearing TOXIC energenetic waste from many psychologically inflicted & adopted wounds which we unconsciously held onto but which 
we should have passed.

Unfortunately many individuals do not appreciare that what they have adopted as
"normal" behaviour is not the actual reality.
What they or their partner consider as normal because of their
environmental upbringing & or cultural & behavioural exposure from their family of origin.

Contrary to Breaking Down

Fortunately it is here where we are offered the opportunity to "Break Through".
Yes breaking
through, by letting go our early life dysfunctional conditioning which has left us in a form of
stagnating limbo, the ultimate consequence of ignoring, overriding & denying gratification of our essential needs. (see Maslow)

This is where we previously left ourself holding onto and suppressing issues with the well known, identified habitual avoidance behaviours. 
Left unattended over time, we effectively poison ourselves with retained, toxic emotional energies which accumulate, becoming so pervasive that we can no longer deny their discomfort or their destructive health impact within our being. Eventually we feel 'crook' & become seriously ill.

We now arrive at that place where we understand that Professional Supervision and Counselling
can and does assist with the provision of new ways and methods to manage old conditioned
attitudes, learned behaviours & habits to assist in the self management and release of the dis-ease before it
evolves and cellularly mutates into body decaying DIS-EASE.

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