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Wednesday, 06 January 2016 17:09
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About "Manning Up" Now.

Rosie Batty
Experiencing profound personal grief, Motherly heart ache and loss after the murder of her son, by her estranged husband and Father of their son, Rosie Batty who was declared 2015 Australian Woman of the year, has been selflessly leading the drive to expose a more honest, open, realistic, public revelation to the prevalence of domestic abuse and violence perpetrated over women and partners across all levels of our materialistic focused society.
Of course, admittedly, there are occasional situations where men are victims of female domestic violence as there also are in cases of same sex relationships.

Cowardly,  depraved behaviour.

Punched Woman

Assisting to drive this essential battle, and it is a war like battle requiring deep seeded, social change, has been Lieutenant General David Morrison, former head of the Australian Army.

General Morrison recognised for his contribution and continuing efforts and appreciated authority was declared the 2106 Australian of the year. He has certainly and permenantly "lifted the bar" for a dramatic social and cultural change of expectations, behaviour and attitudes by his command for respectful, considerate behaviour towards all women, and especially so in the army and military service. 
Thankfully General Morrison's commanded legacy has establlished a profound shift in social relatiions by proclaiming:
"If these behavioural demands do not meet with your intentions "Get out" now. 
True to his word there has been and continues to be a thorough reformation and clean out of the former "Old Boy's brigade" including any person who knew of the atrocious invasive depravity of military women who had unknowingly been filmed during consensual sex and had that material distributed through the internet.

Here in his meeting with Dr Anne Summers, General Morrison lays down the message of essential change required for all Australians and men of the world with considered reality to the age old battle of the sexes where women make up 52% of the population.

Until now, this situation has forever been a blight upon all and sundry who have knowingly watched, known of, about and physically heard of abusive situations without taking responsibility to see that the perpertrators and situations are appropriately and immediately addressed and terminated.

Facts are, there has been and for now remains, a general brazen and egotistically boastful attitude and depravity surrounding the supposedly  innocent, 'get lucky' conqests" by males over females dues to man's persuasive, aggressive, animalist nature to further utilise devious forces, with cunning under hand intention, or outright violent intimidation and disrespectful emotional denial to achieve sexual conquest.

Yes, it has been a genuine battle against outright violent, control by toxic emotional suppression over unwilling surrender.

Mostly cowardly inflicted, absolutely insensitive, ignorant or deliberate, intimidating behaviour, partners predominantly women have been and continue to be unjustly denied opportunity, been disregarded, objectified, disrespected, put down, laughed at, scorned, leared upon and abused emotionally, physically, pornographically and sexually.

Former Commissioner of Victorian Police
Ken Lay. (R)

Ken Lay in complete support of this campaign to exposed the prevalence and perpetual sibling abuse and famiily destroying social wickedness, gave this most daunting and challenging speech at Monash University
on  25 November 2015.  
Dear readers. this violent, emotionally intimidating abusive behaviour MUST and WILL BE STOPPED,
Stopped across the board, without exception of status or social positioning. Especially including politicians, churches, public personalities and sportsmen as we have seen in recent times.
David Morrison interview with Dr Anne Summers.

Now as the 2016 Australian of the year former Lt. General Morrison has commanded:

"Its up to each and every one of us to do our part"

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