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We offer here yet another interpretation to the legendary story of the Prodigal son;
Seemingly synonymous with most indigenous scriptures, such ancient teachings have interesting anecdotal & potential meanings for those with "eyes to see and ears to hear".

Counselling is akin to assisting in the exposure of our basic psychological delusion from our founding customs, those adopted cultural & religiously indoctrinating influences which we treat as normal, as who we are.

There are just so many of those 'founding reasons' for shaping the expectation of emotional sadness, disappointment and pain often unintentionally delivered by denial of emotional nourishment & the associated consequential suppression & witholding of the pain.

Often we unwittingly inflict this habitual behaviour upon our self simply by being led 'off track' to be left, metaphorically, lost in the 'wilderness', constantly being tempted to practice avoidance behaviour which is forever prominent and promoted and advertised in the environment around us.

Subsequently we loose touch with our inner strength and confidence.

Essential self sustaining spiritual nourishment, natural healing becomes available by quietly sitting with a "free" mind, returning to the child and life we were born to be at that moment of our conception. 
Should you be troubled!
Surely you would like to find your way out of that aching empty soulless wilderness and be released into the kingdom of peace of mind  and contentment of self.

Meditating Dog

On a lighter side like this Dog, you might consider preparing yourself to be relaxed & comfortable


This following work is by yet another wonderful humble spiritual master Joel Goldsmith.

Every problem with which we are faced stems from a separation from our Source, and until we are once again united with that Source, troubles are going to continue to recur in our minds and bodies.
Both the mind and the body have to be fed.
For centuries, it was considered sufficient if the body were fed and maintained with food, medicine and fresh air.

But in the last hundred years it has been discovered that we need something more than that, and so attempts have been made to teach people to fill their minds with thoughts of a positive nature on the assumption that the body would in turn respond to this constructive approach to life.
But if we are not fed by the Spirit, all the material food we can put into our systems will not feed us properly, nor will all the mental food with which we fill the mind give us adequate nourishment.
As human beings, we have no contact with our Soul, or Source, and it is only when we begin the practice of meditation that we find our way back to the Father’s house.
The story of the Prodigal Son, unless it is correctly understood, might indicate that the journey back to the Father’s house was merely a physical act, and that is not true.

The banquet with the swine is nothing more nor less than the life we are living day by day separate and apart from God, and the return to the Father’s house is a journey that has to be taken, not by going any place physically but by an act of consciousness.

This act of consciousness can never take place until there is the recognition that we have been wandering in a far country, in a land of physicality and mentality, and that it is necessary for us to make the return journey back to the Father’s house, a journey which is accomplished within ourselves as an activity of consciousness.

That activity of consciousness is meditation.
When we meditate, although in the beginning nothing may seem to be taking place, from the very first time we made the effort, an inner stirring was going on, even though it may have been so slight as to be imperceptible.
It is very much like taking piano lessons and practicing diligently for a half hour or an hour, and then at the end of that time, when we find that we cannot play the piano, we think that nothing has happened.
Even on the second or the third day, we may observe no noticeable progress.
If, however, we persist for sixty, ninety, or a hundred and twenty days, we can see the progress we have made, progress which has been going on from that very first day.

So it is with meditation.
We may meditate many times a day, and at the end of a month feel that we have made no visible progress.
But if we could know what can happen by the end of a year, we would understand why it took every one of those attempts at meditation to attain even a measure of conscious oneness with the Source of life, and thereby become like the branch of a tree that has been grafted back onto the tree.

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