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Burning Child  Alex Milov
Ukrainian artist Alexander Milov delighted Burning Man's festival-goers with a piece
that allowed them to reconnect with their inner child.

Tabula Rasa:
In Western philosophy, the concept of tabula rasa can be traced back to the writings of Aristotle who writes in his treatise (De Anima or On the Soul) of the "unscribed tablet." In one of the more well-known passages of this treatise he writes that:

"Have not we already disposed of the difficulty about interaction involving a common element, when we said that mind is in a sense potentially whatever is thinkable, though actually it is nothing until it has thought? 

What it thinks must be in it just as characters may be said to be on a writing-tablet on which as yet nothing stands written: 
this is exactly what happens with mind."

Most of us are raised to believe we are right as in correct due to the experience that life has lead us to believe. 
We learn of pleasant tastes and offensive smells from experience.

We learn language of our environment and with language comes "accents of nationality".

And from our born environment also comes "accents of behaviour".

When such imprinted attitudes and EGOTISTICAL beliefs of the elder are challenged our "inner child" feels threatened. Interpreting this Sense as danger & possible loss of control our EGO attempts to defend against further wounding. 

This resistance can and does cause conflict and arguments.

The most important and critical matter for all of us is to learn to identify the triggered sensational experience in ourselves. Learning to sense this feeling and react appropriately is the key to successful mature relationship.

This sensation can and too often does trigger our Ego's learned behaviour to DEFEND its place of considered authority because we, through the habitual indoctrination of our EGO, believe we need to protect ourselves from being HURT, neglected, or in some manner shape or form be maltreated, so we defend to stop the recurrence of such pain.

We have absolutely no intension of deliberately hurting anyone, if we should do so unintentionally please bring this to our attention immediately, because it is certainly not done deliberately.

Takes two to Tango
Please remember there are always thousands if not millions of "parts of us", in each individual  that may turn up in relationship and it is fair and reasonable for each individual to recognise their part to behave in a loving appreciative manner.

Of course in all this it is expected and ok that we all do have our own established boundaries where we are entitled to set our limits to a reasonable degree of tolerance.

Further more we should also accept and appreciate that others also have boundaries which should be understood and appreciated by us.

So as we say.

HELP EVER HURT NEVER is a wonderful motto to strive to achieve.

Childs advice to parents:
With this later addition to this post we include this remarkable video of a 6 year old girl expressing her heart felt desires for here parents to be friends, and if they can be friends everyone can be happy and there will be no Monsters.

In closing here are those few wonderful words on relationship by therapist Virginia Satir.

I want to love you without clutching
Appreciate you without judging

Join you without invading
Invite you without demanding
Leave you without guilt
Evaluate you without blaming
And help you without insulting
If I can have the same from you
Then we can truly meet
And enrich each other

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