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is the terminology used to describe the elevated, aggressive form of defensive behavour, a response delivered by automatic reaction from within the EGO's package of learning, to any perceived to be, imagined or actual experiences of threat or perceived challenges to life's individual "SENSITIVITY" to survival.

Alert to anger maybe triggered in response to any sense, or psychological sensitive perception of threat from any exposure to our life's hypersensitivity for safety. Any sudden movement, loud noise,  such as a raised voice, harsh expression, simplist criticism, sarcasm, riduicle, bullied behaviour or even extended stillness, with quiet silence, or change to ordered personal expectation.
Former Prime Minister of Australia Tony Abbott demonstrated his anger in shaking silence when he became instantly alarmed due to his apparent  Asperges Syndrome moment when a journalist addressed him about his careless use of language in his comment that "Occasionally Shit Happens" following a soldier death in Afghanistan. 

A specific spectrum of autism identified by Austrian Paediatrician Dr Asperger.

Foremost Australian and International Aspergers Syndrome specialist, Clinical Psychologist Dr Tony Attwood declares:

"People with Asperger Syndrome are not defective they simply think differently'.

We may guess individually fired neural pathways, within the mind, are created during very early experience of life as a consequence to shock, threats, danger, any life threatening trauma may have establish psychological safety EXITS, virtual "Fire Stars" to instant safety. 

Under every day and often very challenging work place demands and expectations the Asperger performs brilliantly.

Aspergers are of nature, determined, high performance professionals, of physical and mental intellect.  
Yet any apparent or perceived change of plan to anticipated order, or set procedures may, but not always, instantaneously trigger the Asperger state adopting a heightened DEFENSIVE demeanour for survival. This is an entirely involuntary, primate developed response from the reality of adverse childhood experience/s. 

They mostly insist they are right and as shown one cannot out escalate an Asperger syndrome individual.

This psychological maze of neural avenues remain permanently open, waiting, available, pathways, into which the Asperger conscious attention is instantly switched, ....without deliberate intention.

This naturally developed, default,  'secondary defender' provides momentary shelter for his or her safety.

Inherited and granted at conception.
A particular aspect of this behaviour, maybe due to some emotional response to the sensitive issue of being shamed, criticised, embarrassed, victimised, challenged, humiliated or being weakened by threatened defeat, separation and the scary self imagined possibility and reality of inevitable parental abandonment.

All the experiences of childhood neglect and abandonment through which we have managed to survive by seemingly becoming further desensitised through suppressive denial due to the natural innate brilliance of the Spirit of life, which we inherited and were granted at conception.

ASPERGESOur human physiology automatically responds to any "prodding or button pushing" around these old wounds and retained physiological memories of discomfort.

We just do not want to go there or be taken to that painful place, so we avoid it by walling up with self protecting defence which manifests within to be readily seen and heard all over our body and occasionally all over the neighborhood or the immediate vicinity.

is often the unfortunate out come to this inability of never being trained to recognise or understand our own emotional vulnerability which readily extends into Domestic Violence, physical brutality, suicide and ultimate death.



As Babies virtually every child  has been "toilet trained" we learn to identify, & recognise the feelings of our bowel & bladder.
We are trained in ways to attend to those needs.

However too few, if any, are ever trained to recognise, identify understand and respond appropriately to such traumatically established behavioural anomalies consequence to development of Asperger syndrome.

In fact as children such manifested behaviour often incites further rage by the parents and minders,
So the child is exposed to yet further reinforcing brutality and traumatising abuse.

We simplistically and unconsciously absorb our methods of coping with such discomfort of emotions by inheriting  and developing personal "accents of behaviour" from the environment in which we are raised.

Yes we become absolutely desensitised from emotional sensations. 

Moods are born here around this numb dis-ease of suppression.

We develope an intense ability to avoid or display discomfort, in so doing become the committed People Pleaser.

Like Father, like son,
Like Mother like daughter.

Unintentionally we carry on transferring these behaviours across generations. 

So it is said  "The sins of the Father are passed down for many generations".

apple doesnt fall far from the tree 15
Hence "Apple does not fall far from the tree".


The Rage of Achilles & "fake news".

Anger is a stay away from me radiation.

Anger has often been misunderstood and maybe deliberately used as a driving motivator which is easily identified as a sham when played upon and over the community in such promotional instances when the boxers "play nasty" at a press conference or the media pit two football rivals up in the local derby.
Of course this is also played upon by further media desensitisation who deliberately engage such divisive tactics to increase their paying exposure fees for advertising by capturing both sides of the argument with "the fake news".

Such media manipulation is intended to provoke and incite interest of the fight within all to attracts extra attention as we are alerted to a possible ‘enemy' in such instances it is used to deliberately motivate players and followers alike.

Manipulation with anger:

The passive aggressive, psychopathic personality often lies hidden within this nasty little self protective characteristic.

This observed form of systemic psychopathy is practiced by less than honest people who operate in this manner and choose to live in denial of or conversely desire to avoid dealing with their own wounds.

Psychopaths in the work place.
Well exposed here in John Clarke's book Working with Monsters.

Such behaviour is regularly seen in institutionalised systemic business practices and readily identified in characters focused on clamouring through the respective association in search of any hierarchical promotion.

This has been so well exposed by the Royal Commission in the finance industry in Australia following on from a similar inquiry in Iceland which saw many Bankers imprisoned.

Less than honest commission rewarded sales sharks, "horse traders", gamblers, receivers of stolen goods, pay day lenders, some politicians and property developers regularly deceive the community behind the guise of dollar driven progress to forge new developments.

Advertising often runs a fine line between truth and outright deception, too often aimed at stimulating buyer vanity & their Ego.

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