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Many adults seek to change and stop this agony:
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Anger in Relationship
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Anger in relationships:

"I'll show you attitude" 
ASPERGESBroken Home 2

What of the children?

Burning Child  Alex Milov

Inner Children pining for love,
Reaching out to each other,
Seeking to be accepted

Whilst Asperge effected

Tire exhausted in relationship

Turn their back on each other.

Sculpture by Alexander Milov
Burning Man Festival
Nevada 2017

An example of an attempted relationship conversation. 

Husband says. "Here I have made an effort to change" as he throws the flowers on the kitchen sink.

"You made me feel like a total fool on the bus just to bring you home flowers".

"So it's really unfair of you to tell me and your friends that I have not tried to change."

"Yes sure I am critical but what do you expect when you don't want to sleep with or have sex with me."

"Am I supposed to be all loving and contrite when you tell me that I really don't get it after being together all this time"?

"When you tell me I'm too small, not big enough, come to soon, a hopless lover."

"You're no sex pot yourself, always too tired, got a head ache, pre menstral, clean sheets."

"Why wouldn't I feel like having a few beers with the boys after the footy when you make me feel like crap when I'm at home"?

"You are at home pleasing yourself all day long, I have deadlines and phones and people around me 10 hours a day, when I come home I just want to be left alone, is that ok, or is that too much to ask?"

Possible Scenarios:

These possible scenarios may sound exaggerated as true as they be.
For the purpose of this article, however they relay the sentiments of many therapy situations where individuals are guarding themselves against further wounding and totally un aware of their or their partners emotional sensitives.

Rather than actually listening, hearing, watching, sensing and understanding each other they are forever "on guard", projecting defensive messages back at their partner, neither party is actually communicating with the other.

See Alexithymia 
Simply put, alexithymia is a disorder where the individual struggles to name their emotions.
When asked to describe their feelings, they cannot.
As a result, they struggle with interpersonal relationships as well as forming social attachments.



In this region of personality discussion we also need to be aware of the Narcissistic aspects of character which can and often delude individuals who have too high an image of their own self ability and self importance.

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 7.39.53 am
Yes hopefully this may help some to see that we are all born frail minded, and  brain simply adopts what it is exposed to from the environment in which we are raised, from this indoctrination we base our judgement on what is RIGHT or WRONG.

About what is being polite, displaying good manners, courtesy and consideration to our fellow man and woman.

Considering others behaviour, reflects the way we appreciate being considered and treated without seeing them as greedy or rude, obtruse abusive characters. Some simply do not know others simply do not care, but it is US who make the judgement of right and wrong, of black and white, of lazy or greedy because we have developed that level of understanding from our own indoctrination.


See Lost in their EGO.


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